The Project: Understanding Aboriginal and Treaty Rights

The Client: MNP

The Problem: MNP wanted to develop an elearning program to raise awareness about Aboriginal and treaty rights in Canada. The content needed to be engaging, and the user experience seamless from purchase or registration to completion.  They also wanted integration with PayPal and a tracking and reporting system that would allow them to sell registrations in bulk.

The Solution: The final product is nearly 90 minutes of intensive online training.  Fresh visual design, eye-catching animations and integrated video and quizzes keep the content engaging throughout.  A printable certificate is provided once the course has been completed.  The client also wanted a way to track their users and also provide course monitoring for key contacts in a bulk sale.  Leara eLearning Inc. designed a tracking system which integrates into PayPal, automates all of the major tasks and emails, and provides one-touch Excel spreadsheet exports for each corporate supervisor. 

Understanding Aboriginal and Treaty Rights was nominated for a Digital Alberta "Best in eLearning" Award!