The Project: ATCO Energy Mix Game

The Client: ATCO

The Problem: ATCO wanted to develop an interactive educational game to complement the Grade 4 curriculum in Science and Social Studies.  They wanted a game that would tests students’ knowledge about Alberta’s energy resources, including where the resources come from, how they get to us and how they are used.

The Solution: The game we developed uses bright, colorful graphics to appeal to the target demographic.  Animations and interactive elements throughout keep the learner engaged and fun quizzes test the student’s knowledge.  Level I asks students to identify the fossil fuel energy resources currently used in Alberta to provide heat and power to our homes. Then students investigate various renewable energy sources currently used in Alberta, including wind, biomass and hydroelectricity. Level II explores what Alberta’s future energy mix could look like by having the students learn about energy sources such as geothermal, solar, run of river and nuclear.  The game is featured on a mobile installation that travels to schools and community events.