Mobile eLearning (mLearning)

As internationally recognized and awarded experts in mobile learning, we're uniquely positioned to help you deliver your content on all devices.  When we saw that mobile development tools were lacking, we designed and developed our Respond5 system to meet the needs of our clients (and were awarded Gold at the prestigious Brandon Hall awards for "Best Advance in Content Authoring" in the process).

Our powerful development platform allows us to create fully-responsive elearning content that is head and shoulders above the competition.  Our responsive development projects feature:

  • Highly engaging interactions
  • Full narration support
  • Easy update capability even after the content has launched on the LMS
  • Robust quiz/test management functionality with forensic records for high-stakes delivery
  • Google Analytics support
  • Social learning integration
  • Support for all devices and all modern browsers

When we develop your project with mobile support it works everywhere (including smartphones) and your project is both future-proofed and more accessible for your learners.

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