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Leara eLearning is a multi-award-winning eLearning company based in Calgary, Canada. We provide affordable evidence-based online education and training solutions with exceptional customer service and we are the global leader in mobile learning technologies. Leara eLearning Inc. is an innovative eLearning company committed to designing, developing, and delivering intelligent, intuitive, and engaging eLearning products. We use smart visual and interactive design to make cutting-edge learning technologies easy to use and fun for your learners. Our experienced staff have been creating web-based learning systems since 1999 and can help you achieve measurable results and a clear return on your eLearning investment.

We're here to help you achieve your goals. We explain challenging technologies in easy-to-understand terms and let you know exactly how they will affect performance at your organization. We work directly with you to meet your needs and your scheduleGet in touch to find out how we can help improve performance at your organization.

What you get with Leara

  • Exceptional customer service - Our clients come first - we walk the walk (check out our testimonials)
  • Affordability - We offer training solutions for every budget
  • Superior design - Everything is designed with you and your learners in mind; we're raising the elearning bar
  • Evidenced-based learning - We use science to build interactive experiences that improve learning outcomes
  • Innovation - Internationally award-winning for innovation and design, we've got a passion for it
  • End-to-end elearning - We've got you covered for everything it takes to create, manage and monetize courses
  • eLearning without boundaries - eLearning should be accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Clean and smart - We exclusively use renewable energy and have a net-zero carbon footprint

What do our clients think?

We have a perfect 100% customer satisfaction rate - we do what it takes, every time, to ensure your needs are met and your elearning is effective.

"The best decision we could have made" - Natural Health Services
"Surpassed all my expectations" - Alberta College of Pharmacists
"True experts" - MNP
"Exceptional" - Pacific Group
"Blown away" - Canadian Mortgage Broker's Association
"Awesome support" - Lufthansa
"Exceptional" - Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center
"An absolute pleasure" - Jen Col Construction
"Fantastic experience" - Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association

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The Origins of our Name

The name Leara is inspired by the Icelandic word læra, meaning both to learn and to teach.

We feel that this name communicates our belief that learning and teaching are two sides of the same coin. The Leara logo is a stylized fusion of quotation marks and Icelandic horns. The combination symbolizes literacy while referencing the cultural origin of the word læra.

Featured Clients

From aerospace to hospitality, from startup to Fortune 500

Recent Clients

We work with clients in every industry sector, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Oil and Gas
  • Medical
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Construction
  • Utility
  • Hospitality
  • Chemical Industry
  • International Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Agribusiness
  • Publishing

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Recent Awards

Our responsive course development work is industry-leading.
Get in touch to find out how we can bring this knowledge, technology and experience to your project.

2020 Institute for Performance and Learning - Applied Innovation

Empowered Startups has been breaking ground globally in the field of startup training and we're extremely proud to announce that our project with them has received the 2020 Award of Excellence in Applied Innovation from the Institute for Performance and Learning. The judges gave the project a perfect score in all categories.

2020 LearnX Award: Best New eLearning Adopter

Our work with Empowered Startups was honored this year in the "Best New eLearning Adopter" category.  The project takes entrepreneurship training to the next level.

2020 LearnX Award: Best Shift-It-Online Design

Our work with Empowered Startups on their ESP Platform also received the 2020 LearnX award for "Best Shift-it-Online Design".  This category recognizes excellence in taking traditional content and redesigning it for online delivery.

2019 IP4L Applied Innovation Award

We're honored to announce that our partnership with the Lung Association of Ontario has received the 2019 Institute for Performance and Learning "Applied Innovation" award.

2019 Ember Award: Best Informal Learning

Our series of course aimed at youth and the adults who work with youth has been awarded the 2019 Ember Award for "Best Informal Learning".

2019 LearnX Gold: Best Shift-It-Online Design

Our partnership with the Lung Association of Ontario has been recognized with a Gold LearnX award in the category of "Best Shift-It-Online Design". This award is for training that was previously in-person and has been moved to an online format.

2019 LearnX Silver: Best Learning and Capabilities Project

Our Legal Update course for the Real Estate Council of British Columbia received a Silver LearnX award for "Best Learning and Capabilities Project". This award is for training that ensures learners possess the right level of skills and knowledge that aligned to a business strategy.

2019 LearnX: Best eLearning Design Technology

Our Respond5 product was recognized as a finalist at the global 2019 LearnX awards in the category of "Best eLearning Design Technology".

2018 EMBER: Best Industry Training

Leara received the 2018 Ember Award for Best Industry Training award for an innovative new approach to responsive Real Estate elearning that we implemented for RECBC/BCREA.

2018 EMBER: Best Informal Learning

It’s been a very interesting year for Canada with the legalization of cannabis, so we were proud that our "Introduction to Cannabis" course for Natural Health Services won the 2018 Ember Award for Best Informal Learning.

2018 ARELLO Education Award

This award is in recognition of our Legal Update program for the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, created using our industry-leading Respond5 authoring tool. The result is a highly engaging, evidence-based learning program that increases accessibility through responsive design, provides custom reporting, and ensures competence through powerful assessment-management.

2017 Ember Awards - Best Informal Learning Experience

Our work for International Yacht Training received the 2017 Ember Award for "Best Informal Learning Experience". The course was built using our Respond5 platform and features narrated and interactive elements that work on all devices.

2017 ASTech Awards - Excellence in ICT

Leara was the recipient of the 2017 Alberta Science and Technology Foundation's "Excellence in Information and Communications Technology" award, sponsored by TELUS.

2017 TMT Awards - Excellence in Multimedia

Our Respond5 platform received TMT's 2017 "Excellence in Multimedia" award.

2017 Software and Information Industry Association CODiE Finalist

Respond5 was shortlisted for the 2017 "Best Authoring Tool for Educators" CODiE award.

2017 VenturePrize Finalist

Leara was named as one of three finalists for the 2017 VenturePrize.

2016 Brandon Hall Awards - Gold

Respond5 received the highest honor at the 2016 Brandon Hall awards in the category of "Best Advance in Content Authoring". Other recipients included Google and Microsoft.

2016 Learning Technologies Awards

Respond5 was shortlisted for "Most Innovative New Learning Technologies Product" at the 2016 Learning Technologies awards in London, England.

2016 Top 40 under 40

Our CEO Connor Gottfried was named as one of Avenue Magazine's "Top 40 under 40" in Calgary, Alberta.

2016 IPL Award of Excellence

Respond5 received the 2016 Canadian national "Award of Excellence" from the Institute for Performance and Learning.

2015 Digital Alberta Award

Respond5 was awarded "Best in eLearning" at the 2015 Digital Alberta awards.

How can we help you?

We are always here for you.  If you have a question, big or small, get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you today and we're ready to help.