At Leara eLearning Inc., we believe the future of elearning is mobile. That is why we've created three ground-breaking technologies that leverage the power of HTML5 and give your learners the freedom to learn and be tested anywhere and on any device.



Respond5™ Creator Edition is a breakthrough elearning delivery system that combines responsive design, in-line editing, Adobe Edge Animate narration support, exam/quiz system integration, Google Analytics and powerful widget-based interactivity into a SCORM-compliant package that you can upload right into your existing LMS.


Use Respond5™ Creator Edition to deliver mobile-first content that can be viewed on every screen size.









NEW: Now integrated with Examine5™. Makes adding quizzes and tests easy and includes powerful reporting.


The Leara Elevate5™ elearning interface is a breakthrough that allows fully-narrated and interactive elearning to be produced for all devices - including the iPad and iPhone. The interface is adaptive to smaller screens and automatically handles SCORM tracking, bookmarking and flow control.

The Leara Examine5™ Engine makes managing and deploying exams quick and easy. Simply create your exam using our intuitive web application and then download your exam as a plug-and-play SCORM package that can be placed in your LMS. Your LMS will report the exam scores and completions (making administration easy), while our back-end provides SSL secured tracking and detailed reporting.



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