Leara Elevate5 eLearning Interface


What is Examine5™? Examine5™ is a robust test delivery system that can handle everything from practice quizzes to high-stakes exams. It is beautiful, user-friendly, and works everywhere - even on iPads. Try the demo above to test-drive the standard exam interface.

The Administrator Interface is a powerful, proven and easy-to-use tool for creating and managing your exams, quizzes or tests. Drill down using quick filters and perform bulk actions like copying or linking. Use the filters in the results section to view a student's answers on any exam or quiz they've taken.


Host your own exam on your existing LMS (optional).
No need to install any software, you can build the exam on our system and download a SCORM package to place into your existing Learning Management System. You can then easily enroll students in an exam using your existing LMS adminstration tools. When the student has completed the exam, the result will appear as the score for the module and the student is prevented from launching the exam again. You can use all of the standard reporting tools and workflows in your LMS and no integration is required. Log into the Examine5 system if you want to view detailed breakdowns of the student's exams. Any changes you make to your questions will instantly update the exam across on any LMS it is hosted on (through the cloud).

Responsive Integration means that you can deliver exams or practice quizzes on mobile devices if desired. Examine5™ is also integrated into our Respond5™ Creator Edition software.

Security / Integration:

  • One-click download of exam SCORM packages can be placed directly into your existing LMS
  • Your LMS manages the users while the Examine5 backend provides detailed reporting
  • Exam key never leaves the server for enhanced security
  • Supports restricting access by IP address to predefined exam centers
  • Exam front-end appears full-screen to hide any other on-screen information during the test
  • Student’s answers are saved after every selection to ensure data is never lost
  • Exams can be resumed in the event of a power failure
  • Completed exams cannot be restarted

User Experience:

  • Fully customizable exam front-end
  • Built with HTML5 for mobile/tablet support
  • Easy-to-access ‘questions’ tab shows all questions remaining to be answered
  • Built-in calculator
  • Linked files appear as a seamless overlay where appropriate
  • Ability to flag question as ‘confusing’ for later review by staff
  • Students with ‘timer anxiety’ can hide the timer and it will automatically reappear with 15 minutes left
  • Score breakdown is provided by question category (chapter, unit, etc.)
  • Optional screen-reader support allows visually impaired students to complete an exam


  • Easily create question groupings with weighted banks
  • Specify ‘proctor code’ to allow pausing of an exam at an invigilation centre
  • Time limit, passing score and pass/fail message can all be easily set and updated
  • Exams can be grouped into ‘programs’
  • Exam filters and search tools simplify exam management
  • Questions support optional ‘multiple correct’
  • Question weighting can be adjusted as desired on a per-question basis
  • Answer randomization can be disabled if desired
  • Ability to link files to questions
  • Question sequencing supports scenario-based question groups
  • Quickly link or copy questions to exams
  • Question filters and search tools simplify the update process
  • One-click preview to view question as it will appear in student interface
  • Question locations are clearly listed to prevent accidental editing of a question appearing in multiple exams


  • Detailed forensic exam analysis shows exam as it was delivered, even if questions change at a later date
  • At-a-glance statistics as shown on exam and question pages
  • Generate detailed reports for exams that include bell-curves of performance including mean, median, mode and range of both score and time spent
  • Exam reports can be generated based on IP address of specific proctoring centres to compare performance between sites
  • Question reports include meaningful statistics like P-Value and Discrimination Index
  • Statistics can be reset for individual questions after they have been modified
  • Automatic emails sent to the user and the exam administrator at the end of each exam




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